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Jeff White is Detroit's top headshot photographer, specializing in corporate, business, model, senior photos and actor headshots. See more examples of his work in the Headshot Gallery.

Product Photography

Product image is everything. We will make your products POP and stand out from the crowd!

Wedding Dress Photography

Professional wedding dress photographer, Jeff White shoots in studio, and on location around Michigan.

Corporate Photography

This gallery features professional corporate photography including headshots, advertising and marketing assets, CEO's, Presidents, board members and employee photography and environmental portraits.

Food Photography

When Food is your business, it needs to look delicious! See samples of our professional food photography using state of the art technology along with ``seasoned`` professional food stylists.

Detroit Photography

Jeff White has been passionately photographing the city of Detroit, Michigan for the past 20 years including night shots, the beauty in decay and now the renaissance of Detroit, Michigan.

Event Photography

This gallery features professional event photography including private and public events held locally and regionally. Citywide events, Street fairs and private parties also included.

Fashion and Lifestyle

Professional fashion photographer, Jeff White loves to capture lifestyle and fashion shots in studio, and on location.

Politicians and Celebrities

We have years of experience capturing politicians, governors, mayors, public officials and celebrities. We know their time is limited, and we work fast and efficiently.

Detroit Buildings

Jeff White’s collection of photos of buildings and architecture has a permanent residence at many locations in Detroit, Michigan including Village Green apartments, McDonald’s locations, Berkadia, CPOP! and more!

Michigan Photography

Jeff White has worked with many city governments including professional photography for the city of Dearborn, WDDDA, city of Ferndale Michigan DDA, and the new center area in Detroit, Michigan. We have tons of experience working with government marketing needs.

Senior Photos

Samples of senior pictures in Jeff White's studio and on location in the Detroit area and across Michigan. Get the best senior photos with professional photographer, Jeff White at his studios, or on location.

jeff white photo studio

Photographer Jeff White does senior pictures, senior photos, and headshots at the White House Studio in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, or on location.

His photo studio is conveniently located near Downtown Royal Oak, Michigan, right on the west side of Woodward Avenue just a couple blocks south of I-696.

White House Studio offers premium studio space, a conference room, kitchen to make your visit to White House Studio-Pleasant Ridge fun and functional! No more searching for photo studios in southeast Michigan because we have the technology, lighting equipment, state-of-the-art computers, and camera gear and, of course, the experience to make your visions and goals a reality!

The studio has a kitchen perfect for preparing and styling food, beverages, and other products for photography in our studio.

Professional headshot photography is our specialty! Whether you come to our White House studio in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, or if we come to your place of business or outdoor location you can be assured that Jeff has over 20 years of experience photographing models, actors, and business professionals in the Metro Detroit area and beyond!

If you decide to come to our White House Studio, in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, the price for headshots is $250, but please refer to the pricing page for more details. This includes the photography, studio time, proofing, and editing of your headshot. If you wish, we can edit your headshot together immediately following the photo shoot. This benefits you in two ways: First, you can make any suggestion in regard to enhancing your headshot. Second, your images will be ready for both print and web when you leave the studio. My clients absolutely love the process. When they leave the studio they are 100 percent satisfied because they had the opportunity to sit down with me and make suggestions about adjusting the images to their specifications! Another benefit to you in this process is there is no wait time for your final images.

We love to hear the stories of the successful auditions and employment opportunities that Jeff’s headshot photography has provided them! Feel free to tell us your story and adventure as we will share your successes on our blog!

Jeff White loves to work with people, so it is no surprise that he has a wonderful way of capturing brilliant corporate, model, and actor headshots. Here in the metropolitan Detroit area, there are many new opportunities for models, actors, and business professionals to showcase their talents. Since headshots are the only visual representation casting agents and potential employers will have, professional headshots are vital to success. Jeff White is always ready to capture emotionally compelling corporate, model, and actor headshots to get some of our Michigan citizens connected to some incredible opportunities!

Feel free to call us, email us, text us, or just stop by and schedule an appointment cause image is everything and you only have one chance to make a first impression so go pro and schedule an appointment with us today!

Senior Pictures

Jeff White specializes in senior photos photography with a fashion flare! Jeff White offers a different experience for folks who want something COOLER and BETTER than the same set and lighting that all the other students are getting in their class with the school photographer. This offers you more options with your photos than the school can offer you.


JEFF WHITE LOVES SHOOTING FASHION!! Fashion photography reminds Jeff to think outside the box and helps keep his creative skills sharp. Jeff has 20 years of experience working with makeup artists, hair stylists, art directors and of course models during simple and very complicated sets both on location and in studio. Jeff has his own unique hard-working style that is unlike anything else in the world and you will see this evidenced in Jeff’s work. As we say in Detroit, “Detroit Hustles Harder!”

Check out our latest fashion photography projects on our blog page and see for yourself.

Feel free to call us, email us, text us or just stop by and schedule an appointment because image is everything and you only have one chance to make a first impression so go pro and schedule an appointment with us today!

Jeff White has many historic photos of Detroit buildings and architecture that are for sale which include canvas prints, traditional prints, metallic prints and metal prints. His work can be printed on just about anything!  Feel free to call us, email us, text us or just stop by and let us consult with you and suggest the many decorative options Jeff’s Detroit, Michigan photography has to offer. His brilliant photography can add a little Detroit attitude to your business lobby, hallways, meeting rooms and even homes.

Please take a moment to visit the Detroit architecture gallery to view the “City at Night” photography series that Jeff White has been working on for the past (20) years. Jeff has been venturing into the darkened landscape of the Motor City photographing captivating images of Detroit’s historic abandoned and modern buildings. As the city evolves, Jeff’s photography also evolves, capturing vibrant images of the renaissance of Detroit, Michigan! Jeff White’s work has been celebrated as a one-of-a-kind experience…capturing photos of Detroit’s historic and modern buildings in a way that has been described as surreal, sometimes haunting and always artistic.

Jeff’s photography is available in any print size and can be printed on any medium for corporate art projects, corporate art buyers and individuals.

Jeff’s photographs are long exposures shot with a tripod that were NOT digitally manipulated.

Photographer Jeff White
Mobile • (248) 224-8887
Email • [email protected]
Studio Address • Jeff White DBA Jwhitephoto and White House Studio-Pleasant Ridge
23647 Woodward Ave., Suite 2
Pleasant Ridge, Michigan 48069
Feel free to call us, email us, text us, or just stop by and schedule an appointment
cause image is everything and you only have one chance to make a first
impression so go pro and schedule an appointment with us today!

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Best Portrait Photographers in Detroit

Jeff White is an award-winning professional photographer specializing in people photography. Yes, this includes HEADSHOTS! Jeff has over 20 years of experience, knowledge, and passion he utilizes to capture enduring, picture-perfect photos. Jeff has an extremely diverse photography portfolio including photography of United States presidents, politicians, corporate CEO’s, celebrities, musicians, and everyone in between!

Jeff’s photography has been published in books, music albums, advertisements, brochures, and magazines both locally and around the world. Clients and models agree that Jeff is very talented at lighting sets, giving excellent direction, and putting people at ease in front of the camera. You will see this evidenced in his photography.
Jeff may be partial to lifestyle and people photography but he takes pride in his versatility as a photographer. He has many clients who depend on him to produce product, food, and beverage photography both in the studio and on location. Jeff is terrific at lighting just about anything and understands the necessity of having a good team of food and product stylists.
As a Photographer, Jeff’s ongoing projects include his city photography being used in marketing and advertising assets for the East & West Dearborn Downtown Development Authorities, and also Ford World Headquarters, a large-scale $60 million redevelopment of three blocks totaling nearly 4 acres in west downtown Dearborn. He also has worked with the City of Ferndale DDA for over seven years.

His clients include The Library of Congress, FORD, Crypton, Google in Detroit, BAE Systems, 5 Hour Energy, Rolling Stone Magazine, MGM Grand and hundreds more. Jeff also loves to work with individuals. Professional corporate portraits and headshots for social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are a service Jeff’s clients have taken advantage of to separate themselves from the rest of the world. Advanced digital technology allows Jeff to provide clients both local and international with a stream of high-quality images that meet and often surpass their expectations. His images are always technically sound, emotionally compelling and of the highest quality. Jeff’s work has been described as original, extraordinarily colorful, stylish, fun, enduring, essential and affordable.
Jeff’s goal as a photographer is to create stunning images that are unique, artistic, and suited to their purpose that stand the test of time.

Jeff also has a team of extremely talented photographers to make your vision a reality in case he is not available. Rosh Sillars and Mark Hearndon make up this incredible team of talent. Google them! See for yourself. We have all been part of the same studio for over 15 years.