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Professional headshot photography by Detroit Photographer, Jeff White.

When you’re serious about your business and your image, you need a set of professional headshot photos. These headshots are used for your professional biographies, bylines and even on your LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

Jeff is your professional business photographer with years of experience working with every form of corporate people including, CEOs, presidents, politicians, aspiring actors, celebrities, models, musicians, and doctors.

Detroit Headshot Photographer Jeff White’s Pricing For Corporate, Acting, And Model Headshots, and Portraits

Jeff White specializes in corporate headshots, as well as for actors, models, and portraits. and environmental portraits. Our make-up artist, Taylor Casario, is available at an additional charge of $100. She is awesome! You can see her picture on our home page.

If you decide to come to our studio — White House Studio — the price for headshots is $200-$250. This includes photography, studio time, proofing, and editing of your headshot. If you wish, we can edit your headshot together immediately following the photo shoot.

This benefits you in two ways: First, you can make any suggestion in regard to enhancing your headshot

Second, your images will be ready for both print and web when you leave the studio. My clients absolutely love the process. When they leave the studio they are 100 percent satisfied because they had the opportunity to sit down with me and make suggestions about adjusting the images to their specifications! Another benefit to you in this process is there is no wait time for your final images.

Regarding headshot photography shot on location, pricing is dependent upon the number of people being photographed and the location. Significant group discounts are available any time more than three people are being photographed.

Whether we are shooting your headshots at my studio or coming to your location or business, you can be assured we will be using a state-of-the-art camera, lighting, and computer technology along with more than 15 years of experience working with people and capturing their personalities! Contact Jeff below if you have further questions or to schedule an appointment.

His Studio Or Your Location. Your Choice!

Unlike many other Detroit photographers, Jeff White has a comfortable studio located in Pleasant Ridge, MI. Contact Jeff for more details.

Metro Detroit Actor Headshot Photography

When applying for an acting role, almost all casting calls require headshots prior to scheduling an audition with you. Since headshots are the only visual representation of you casting agents will have, professional headshots are vital to your audition success. You only have one chance to make a strong first impression and a good headshot is an actor’s most important marketing tool.

Whether you are an aspiring actor or actress looking to have headshots taken for the first time or just need to update your current collection, make sure to have your headshots taken by a professional photographer. Photographers specialize in many different areas; not all are experienced in shooting actor headshots. Actor headshots must be photographed in a very specific way that shows the head and shoulders of the individual in front of a simple yet creative background, with proper lighting to highlight the eyes, and of course, the personality! Jeff White understands that an actor’s headshot is not about the style of the photographer but the personality of the actor.

Three Secrets To Stunning Corporate Photos

Getting a great corporate photo is pretty easy when you know what you have to do in order to prepare for the photo shoot day.

Haircut and Style – One of the first orders of business is getting a great haircut. While you might be tempted to go cheap, the best results are attained when you go to an experienced salon. Let them know you’re doing a corporate photoshoot, and that most of the shots will be close-ups. If you have a favorite style, let them know. Your hairstyle can make or break a good headshot.

Clean Face – Before your photoshoot, make sure that your face is clean and free from dry skin, excess oils and runaway facial hair. You don’t want the photo to show a sheen or light reflections.

Be Conservative – You don’t know who’s going to view your corporate photo. If you’re using the images for business, it’s best to err on the side of caution and dress conservatively – but with style!

About Jeff White

Detroit photographer Jeff White is a award-winning professional photographer specializing in senior pictures and head shots for business professionals, models and actors in metro Detroit, and beyond.

Jeff White also specializes in commercial, corporate and advertising photography. Jeff has many years of experience capturing people’s personalities both in studio and on location for city governments, companies large and small, and individuals. Jeff’s photography has been published in books, music albums, advertisements, brochures and magazines both local and around the world. Clients and models agree that Jeff is very talented at giving direction and putting people at ease in front of the camera. You will see this evidenced in his photography.