Have you been taking photos of Detroit, Michigan lately? Get on it. Change is good and Detroit’s renaissance is MOVING FAST.

Our latest commercial photography adventure took place on Michigan Avenue in Detroit, Michigan, right above the historic Lager House in an amazing loft (Owned by PJ’s Lager House) that our client  “I Love My Pillow” rented for the day. The loft is outfitted with kitchen counter tops made from basketball court floorboards from demolished high schools in Detroit and is a rolling stone’s throw from the the ominous and infamous train station a.k.a.  Detroit’s “Michigan Central Station” on Michigan Ave. Check out this link because they have the underground music scene and menu that has vegans, musicians, models and of course photographers coming back for more of Detroit’s culture.

Our client “I Love My Pillow” now makes an amazing mattresses and this is what our second photo shoot with this client was all about. Our first shoot was in Hamtramck, Michigan, so give them credit for being an American company giving props to Detroit, Michigan, and its amazing local communities.

I shall allow the following photos to tell the story of the comfort and ease of function of these mattresses that are delivered in a box!

ilovemypillow.com and coming soon ilovemybed.com

Please check out Jeff White’s new website of Detroit Michigan pictures available for purchase!