On location photography

Birmingham, Michigan and Pleasant Ridge, Michigan senior pictures photographer Jeff White is one of the most experienced senior photo photographers in metro Detroit, Michigan. His Pleasant Ridge senior pictures photo studio is conveniently located between Downtown Royal Oak, Michigan and Downtown Ferndale, Michigan right on the west side of Woodward Avenue just a couple blocks […]

After visiting the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes in Michigan near Traverse City both as a child and adult, I recently envisioned the idea of doing a fashion shoot there. I knew the beauty and simplicity of the sand and sky in the foreground and background would complement the models rather than be a distraction. My […]

One thing that is very important to practice as a professional photographer is keeping creative skills sharp. It becomes difficult to think outside the box when all you’re doing is what your clients are asking you to do. Clients expect us to be creative, but within the parameters of their direction. One way I keep my creative skills […]

    Recently, I was asked by The Canvas Factory if I would like to represent and provide photos of the State of Michigan in their “50 States in 50 Photos” campaign to celebrate Independence Day in the United States. Of course,  I was flattered and game to be a part of this celebration! Please […]

I have been called many things over the years, but “Moon Child” is one of my faves. The name is in reference to a photo series of Detroit I worked on for a few years that involved photographing some of the city’s most notable abandoned buildings during a full moon. The series includes photos of Detroit landmarks, such as the Michigan […]

“Oh, don’tcha know it’s 104 degrees, eh!” the retired mountain biker mentioned as we stood beside my broken-down Jeep. I knew it was hot, but that hot?  My cell phone was rendered useless so I was wondering if she meant Celsius? I thought I was in the “Great White North” of Canada, eh? I was […]

Have you ever drove past a giant wind turbine farm and wondered how big those things really are? Maybe you also wondered what they looked like up close? Well, last weekend my girlfriend Shirley and I did just that. On our way back home to Detroit from Caseville, Michigan, we decided to see one of […]

For many years my good friend and fellow Metro Detroit fashion photographer Davide Anderson and I have talked about doing a winter fashion shoot on the icy shores of Lake Huron near Caseville, Michigan. In March 2014, we made this project a reality. After one of the hardest winters to hit Detroit since they’ve been […]